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Leftover bamboo poles used in this DIY project for kids to make planters for their bean sprouts.

Simple flower pots made by cutting a bamboo pole just below its nodes. Drill a hole in the bottom to allow water to drain.

Bamboo pole wind chimes with painted driftwood. (By Patsy Troxell on Etsy)

Turn your backyard into a whimsical retreat with this simple DIY wind chime made of scrap bamboo poles, wood and fishing line.

bamboo wall decor ideas sunflower coconut coir

DIY bamboo wall decor ideas - 2 craft projects with bamboo sticks

bamboo placemat vase - for the dining room

DIY Decorative Vase: Wrap & hot glue a decorative placemat around a plain vase for instant pizzazz

Handmade Bamboo Arrow Quivers For Archery Hunters

VDAY - quiver out of bamboo - use pvc instead, use this shape, spray paint gold, also fletch arrows with duct tape heart-shaped "feathers" for VDay party