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Explore Ben Cardin, Impose Sanctions and more!

A new bipartisan bill introduced on 28 January by Senators Ben Cardin and John McCain, gives the US government the power to impose sanctions in the US on foreign nationals responsible for corruption and other human rights abuses in foreign jurisdictions.

Why These Photos of Windows Around the World Have Gone Viral

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O maestro que queria harmonizar o mundo | Valor Econômico

Addressing Corruption in Africa with the Right Focus*

Integration into global markets has some risks as African countries become more susceptible to global trends, including corrupt practices by multinational corporations and other vested external interests.

A seven-year UNDP study into unofficial payments in Vietnam shows that these…

Wikileaks for Africa? Introducing Afrileaks

Afrileaks - a new service just launched. It hopes to safely connect whistleblowers with investigative journalists, encouraging a ‘new culture of accountability and justice’ across the continent.

Malaysian businessman bribed 'dozens' of US Navy officers with prostitutes and suckling pigs

The US Navy is facing the biggest corruption scandal in its history after a Malaysian businessman admitted to bribing dozens of its officers with wads of cash, the services of prostitutes and meals of suckling pig.