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Funny Family Ecard: Good parenting does not mean giving him a perfect life. It means teaching him how to lead a good and happy life in our imperfect world.

Children should come before parents. The parents who don't spend time with their kids or make their kids do without things they need out of selfishness shouldn't have kids.

Very true. I hate selfish parents who only think of themselves first! There are WAY too many pretentious snobby selfish parents in TEXAS! They put their needs above those if their children.

You don’t have to get it perfect and it’s not all up to you. God uses imperfect people, failed attempts, and outright disobedience to develop character in His people. You’ve seen this in your children. Remember it applies to your parenting.


My son's are babies still and I can not begin to imagine the amazing men that they will be. I love my boys Martin and Anthony

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Did you know what the cost of being a mom is? This is so true--though I have a hard time with it. When my kids hurt and/or are having a really difficult time with things in life that just kind of slap them in the face, that's hard.

I'm so happy my son can play with the neighbors kids and we are in a safe environment.

Not for a Narcissistic Parent it isn't. They hate seeing their target happy. If you're happy they have failed in their job. Only when you're miserable, the Narc is satisfied. But they still feel the need to keep twisting the knife.

Scary Mommy Manifesto

I wouldn't call this the Scary Mommy Manifesto. I would call it the Anti-judging Mommy Manifesto.