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Young basketball player, motion blur - iStock

I like the b&w torn to see colour. Could do same, blurry picture and clear picture. Tearing away a blurry lie to find the clearer truth.

Shari Lewis and Lambchop. Ventriloquist, puppeteer, author, children's television show host. 1952–1998. Oh how I loved Shari & Lambchop!

I think this poster is trying to show that people of a higher importance or status such as the government grow to be very successful and are only out to protect them selfs because in the poster the man wearing the business suit has a gas mask cover his face protecting him where as we are left in all the pollution. Also the fact that the city is on top of his head almost a part of him suggests he is in control. -Lenai Clarke

I just now realized why he crushed the basketball in season 2!!! It all makes sense now!

Debbie Reynolds, Actress,singer, dancer. I think she's great in anything she does.

Still playing hopscotch even though your hair has turned white. Youthfulness is ageless

Bikes in Italy. Love this image. When I'm her age i would still like to be riding my bike

from Berry

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Sean Connery (b. 1930) Edinburgh, Scotland More