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NGSS Elementary K-5th Grade I CAN Next Generation Science Standards Poster Combo

Science is vitally important, but theres no need for YOU to reinvent the wheel! These are the latest (released 2013) K-5 elementary school Next Generation Science Standards that will be used across the nation to meet Marzano and similar initiatives. They are the equivalent of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Science. Individual grades also available!

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Scientific Process or Method Activities, Worksheets, Notebook Pages


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Respiratory System Worksheets

This product is a series of Worksheets about the Respiratory System: 1.A Color, cut and glue worksheet; 2.A One-to-one correspondence worksheet; 3.A Color and label worksheet; 4.A True or False worksheet; 5.A Fill in the blanks worksheet; 6.A Complete with the words worksheet; 7.A Respiratory system puzzle; 8.A Respiratory system quiz; 9.A Crosswords worksheet; 10.A Word search worksheet. The answer key is included.

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Female Reproductive System Worksheets

Worksheets about the Female Reproductive System: 1.A Color and label with code worksheet; 2.A Color, cut and glue worksheet; 3.A Complete with the words worksheet; 4.A Complete with the words about the menstrual cycle worksheet; 5.A Label with words worksheet; 6.A Label with words about the ovarian cycle worksheet; 7.A Label with words about the uterine cycle worksheet; 8.A True or False worksheet; 9.A quiz; 10.A puzzle; 11.A “Word search”; 12.A “Crosswords”.

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Nervous System Worksheets

These Worksheets about the Nervous System include: 1.A Color and label worksheet; 2.A True or False worksheet; 3.A Color, cut and glue the neurons worksheet; 4.A Color, cut and glue the nervous system worksheet; 5.A Label the reflex arc worksheet; 6.A Complete with words worksheet; 7.A nervous system quiz; 8.A Label the neurons with words worksheet; 9.A Label the synapse with words worksheet; 10.A nervous system puzzle; 11.A Word search worksheet; 12.A Crosswords worksheet. Answer key…

Includes 6 practice worksheets, which cover the First Grade Common Core Language Standard "L.1.1a". Each page includes 5 upper and lower case letters that have space for your student to "see it", "trace it" and "print it" - THREE times! Students are rewarded on the last page with a certificate they can decorate and take home or display inside your classroom. :)

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1st First Grade Bundle 15 Science Lessons NGSS Aligned Next Generation Standards

1st First Grade Bundle 15 Science Lessons NGSS AlignedThis is a set of 15 lessons for first graders directly aligned to the national Next…

FORCE and MOTION: Push and Pull Picture Sort Workpage Science - Class of Kinders -

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Place Value Sorting

Place Value Sorting - Print and Go kit.