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How to do a Boat Renaming and Christening Ceremony for New Boat Name - Legend says without one, a boat will be unlucky. Learn how to do it right! #boatnames #newboat #boatchristening

The Cruiser's Best Friend: Finding the information you need right when you need it, Google has changed cruising.

Figureheads - Nautical Antique Warehouse

A minutely cracked o-ring in the deck fuel fill cost us dearly. Don't make the same mistake.

When you need seasick meds, you do not want to spend time looking for them. You want them where you can grab them quickly and easily.

Just starting boating or cruising and feeling overwhelmed by everything there is to learn? There are ways to make it easier!

Putting together a ditch bag takes some time and a lot of thought. Here's what's in ours for coastal cruising -- with links to items. via @TheBoatGalley

Don't add to the plastic trash in the water by using cable ties to mark your anchor chain -- paint it instead. Tips to make the paint last and be visible.

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