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What to watch for in the sky during the long, dark days of winter

Meteorites / Geminid Fireball Meteors by John Chumack / Date Taken: !


Earth and Space category winner: Star Icefall by Masahiro Miyasaka (Japan). Taken in Nagano, Japan, this image shows Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades as the backdrop to an eerie frozen landscape.


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Russian Meteor: Spectacular Dash Cam Video 2/15/13  Windows broken, car alarms went off, around 500 people needed medical attention (mostly from broken glass?)

Russian Meteor: Spectacular Dash Cam Video Windows broken, car alarms went off, around 500 people needed medical aide

Snowshoeing on Pend Oreille, ID. Learn why this slice of Heaven is suddenly experiencing earthquakes.

Earthquakes, Landslides, Convict Creek and Pend Oreille

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adventure journal – 10 Ways to Stay Dry When Camping and Hiking

15 new planets hint at 'traffic jam' of moons in habitable zone

15 New Planet Candidates in Habitable Zones Discovered

French skywatcher Jeremie Vaubaillon captured this image during the 2001 Leonid meteor shower from South Korea.

The annual Leonid meteor shower reaches its peak this week and may get a boost from a moonless weekend sky.

Las Mejores Fotografías del Mundo: De la salida y la puesta del sol desde el espacio

Earth's sun rises, photographed from the International Space Station

Despite Mr Korosec's emphasis on safety, he has been face-to-face with danger on more than one occasion and was nearly killed when he was trapped in a car while chasing a hail storm in the USA

Breath-taking images of the world’s most brutal storms captured by fearless photographer, 31, who gets so close he gets knocked over by the shockwaves

photos by marko korošec in kansas, texas and colorado, where.

The scene of morning fly-outs and evening fly-ins of huge numbers of birds is a spectacular sight.

Merced National Wildlife Refuge is one of California's little-known treasures

This small refuge in the middle of the Central Valley of California is a birder's paradise.

Winter Camping in Sequoia National Park

This year Curtis and I made our thanksgiving feast in a dutch oven, over a campfire, surrounded by snow, in Sequoia National Park.