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I have so many of these! <3 them!

Just Girly Things: Putting On Comfortable Clothing After A Long Day


Shit i love;

I LOOOoovvve days by the pool ! Both So relaxing and great exercise .

shit i love

This game makes me curse more than I smile but I still love it!

yup play it all the time

Shit I love. @David Ferris OHMAGERD ITS GLITTER

The coolest shit iin the woorlld

see the co-incidence, its raining already over here :) and its the ...

smell of rain. but i dont like being in the rain. or how cold it gets when it rains

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Rembrandts, “Ill Be There for You” (Friends Theme Song)

Cuz they bring all the boys to the yard ;)

And according to a recent discovery, these so called "milkshakes" do NOT bring all the boys to the yard.

One of my favorite foods of all time.

my fav food-mac and cheese, always and forever


Or in my case, talking/singing to myself when someone unexpectedly walks around the corner.and witnesses you talking/singing to an inanimate object.


reasons to smile - shooting stars

goes along with sex on the beach

Fires on the beach.

shit i love - Google Search

camy onne, iphone, shit i love

Dancing in the rain

dancing in the rain.

who doesnt love morning texts!

Stuff I love

This is so true of me and my darlng best friend who I love and she's been through everything with me:)

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