Ivory  Kabuki Warrior Paintball mask by diyproduct on etsy

Ivory Kabuki Warrior Paintball mask / Prop Mask Handmade in Thailand ( Half Cover) - paintballing mask - Ye Gods!

quetzalcoatl WIP by RavenKing77.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This Quetzalcoatl mask is just awesome. In relation to the project, something like this may be shaped into an armrest.

Fang mask.

samuraitears: “ If death be the master this day let it be known, my Battle Cry has reached the Heavens sending many more swords to continue the battle until Victory is achieved.

Zombie Tools 是一个专门制作…@愉快犯丶C采集到好(6745图)_花瓣. 4 lub 5 od dołu :D

Zombie Tools 是一个专门制作…@愉快犯丶C采集到好(6745图)_花瓣

Zombie Tools line of weapons. For my Ninja Pirate I want something like a mix between their D'Captain Saber and the Reaver Cleaver with a Japanese styled grip, hamon line, and possibly some designs on the flat of the blade.

An original design by Wiremonk, this white polyurethane half mask is ready for painting, costuming, or display.  Can be worn or displayed. Does not

White Oni Mask Blank DIY Cast Urethan Plastic Original Design By Wiremonk

Gargoyle Lower Half Mask by OsborneArts on deviantART

Gargoyle Lower Half Mask by OsborneArts on deviantART But bigger. Like those deep sea angler fish