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So which one you two is the Fork? Along the lines of one of Ellen's quotes!

Reptile Dysfunction and Bisexuality - - Public Displays of Fail - Unfriendable

There's nothing wrong with sex, people. The only thing wrong with sex? When it's not consensual. Because that's not sex. That's rape.

Cas was willing to give up his life to defend Dean... you can have sex with *pie* and I will heat it up for you.

All far too true, but I got some of this in college (England) but it if I was a different person it would have been too late to not have done something to me

Help protect kids from sexual abuse - PANTS rule #talkpants helps them understand & tell - NSPCC/Childline campaign - pinned from also on

this has been a PSA<<<as one of those people say don't exist, thank you for a reblog or something like that because it's nice to know people care about how you feel

Of course, men hating on women is "humor" or "venting, cause you know they just went through something where a woman wasn't perfectly nice to them" But women talking dispassionately or passionately about abuse and injustices heaped on them by men are "horrible man-haters."