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Tap on a tile to hear its melody. And then the tile turn light green. Next, search the same melody and tap on it, and then its melody plays. Remember where you heard a certain melody. If the melodies match, then the tiles turn yellow and show its musical score. If the melodies do not match, then the tile turn red, and add 1 to mistake counter.

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Perfect Pairings {A Bundled Set to Practice Melody and Rhythm}

Rhythm and melody go together like..... milk and cookies! Or salt and pepper! And with these fun and engaging interactive games your students will see how they

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Three Wishes {A Genie Inspired Bundled Set to Practice Melody}

POOF! What is your wish? You wish your students to read rhythm? POOF! Wish granted! You wish your students to read melody? POOF! Wish Granted! You wish your

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Going Up or Going Down? Melodic Direction Interactive Music (Bundle)

This bundle (113 pages) emphasizes introducing, reinforcing, reviewing and assessing sounds/melodies going up or down in music interactively!

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Leaves - Interactive Music Game (Do Re Mi)

Fun interactive music game reinforcing aurally identifying melody!. It will be a hit with your elementary music students. Perfect for fall or anytime you are working on do re mi.

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Kodaly Level 2 Mega Bundle

Kodaly Level 2 Mega Bundle #musicedchat #Kodaly #rhythm #melody #solfege #folksongs #singinggames #elementarymusic #musicteacher

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Body Sign Posters for the Preparation and Practice of Solfége/Melodic Elements

Solfége and hand signs are an amazing way to teach aural skills and music literacy. Many teachers also use body signs. Body signs are a great gross motor, kinesthetic tool to use with students for listening, decoding and teaching new melodic elements. It engages the whole body and helps improve engagement. In this colorful set you will receive 8 different colored sets that you can coordinate with standard classroom instruments. #Kodály #elmused #melody #elementarymusic

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Music Curriculum Integration BUNDLE #1

***$4.00*** Music Curriculum Integration BUNDLE #1

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