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Affirmations for healing your sacral chakra ...I allow pleasure, sweetness, and sensuality into my life. I embrace my own sacred sexuality. I allow abundance and prosperity into my life. I am open to experiencing the present moment through my senses. My emotions flow through me in a healthy way.

The soul is described as feminine by many sources, being at once wild, willful, chaotic, earthy, sensual, sweet, deeply emotional, passionate and compassionate. These natural soul qualities are also the qualities of the divine feminine seeking to awaken the priestess within the woman. This awakening results in the full empowerment of the woman as a Priestess whose Temple is the everyday world.

Proudly submissive. NSFW please - if you are underage i will block you. i am not interested in tumblr sexting, or any other type of "hookup", so if you are looking for that please move along.

Beautiful Oil Paintings by Andre Kohn

I miss you so much it physically hurts. Or maybe I miss the idea of you, or rather, I am just sad that you lied and manipulated me in to loving you with no intention of returning those feelings.

Scorpio II Ash Grey Light T-Shirt

Scorpio traits: ~Mysterious, Deep ~Passionate, Sensual ~Phychic, Intuitive ~Strong, Intense Emotions ~Fond of Transformation ~Perservere to the End ~Competitive, Poor Losers ~Dangerous Enemy ~Loyal to Loved Ones ~Need a Good Challenge ~"All or Nothing" Attitude ~Giving and Loyal in Love

[For people with pimples on their back] When washing out conditioner the pores in your back are opened and tend to soak up the oils+chemicals. This can cause spots.