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Sienna Miller: Beauty Icon

Sienna Miller may have garnered as many headlines for her fashion sense and love life as for her art, but all that may be about to change. She is named today as a contender for Orange Rising Star at this year's British Academy Awards

from Mail Online

Demi Lovato is proud of her risque Cosmopolitan cover and body

from Mail Online

Cupcake queen Blake Lively reveals her secret to staying slim: 'Being 25 years old and having a good metabolism'

Body goals that synched waist is my goal. Damn her and her perfection

honestly speaking black pink is like spice girls but more hippy and grungy (???) *btw no hate for spice girls ya !

from Nordstrom

'Black Orchid' Eau de Parfum

Another sig scent for me: Tom Ford 'Black Orchid' Eau de Parfum. Spicy and semi masculine! My every day perfume.