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The black people 'erased from history'

More than a million people in Mexico identify as "black", "dark" or "Afro-Mexican" even if they don't look black. But they are little-known and are still fighting for official recognition.

45 Beautiful Underwater Photos That’ll Have You Holding Your Breath As You Scroll

Best places in Rome to take photos. Rome photos from Aventine, Capitoline, Janiculum Hills, and photos of St Peter's basilica through the keyhole.

KYF #116: How to Start a Local Food Co-op or Buying Club

How to Start a Local Food Co-Op or Buying Club | Want to start a local food co-op or buying club? Look no further than John Moody! He's the guy behind the innovative and helpful Whole Life Buying Club in Louisville, Kentucky and he's the author of the Food Club and Co-op Handbook. |