MZLoweRPP verified link on 6/26/2016 Source: Artist: Manthos Lappas Artist's Title: Boy and the Dragon- Book Cover

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The Blood of Mortal Men-Book Cover Commission by on @DeviantArt

The Blood of Mortal Men-Book Cover Commission

Sulih by on @DeviantArt

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The orcs of the mountains were stiffened and commanded by grim servants of Baradur, sent out long before to watch the passes. And though it was unknown to them the Ring, cut from Sauron's black hand two years before, was still laden with Sauron's evil wil

Vartan-Legends Of Marithia by on @DeviantArt

Artwork for Vartan, Knight of Greenhaven/Knight of Veldrenn, for the upcoming Legends of Marithia Card Game, as well as the new cover for Legends O. Vartan-Legends Of Marithia

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002 concept art stepanalekseev Must See Concept Art by Stepan Alekseev