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I know I am. How about you?

I am just trying to keep it together till I am back at Disney. Too true

This is more true than you can imagine. I love Disney so much that I have a job in my field but still work at the Disney Store part time because I can't bear the thought of leaving Disney behind.

I've got Disney Blood running through my veins - yup this is so true!

You call it Disney, I call it home.

I just love it when you go through the gates to your Disney hotel and the person at the gate says "Welcome Home"Like yass!

Walt Disney World Resort Contact Information

The rides aren't the reason I love being there, it's the pure magic and love that you feel. It just hovers around the park. Once you leave that feeling isn't anywhere else. >>> so true

♡°○°♡ and there are so many! Like getting engaged!

Many of the happiest memories I have are Disney! They are also some of the best future memories.

Walt Disney World or Bust!

Haha this is how my life goes. Just when I think I'm going to be productive, I start daydreaming about Disney World.

Video of Magic Kingdom being transformed from Halloween to Christmas decorations in hours

time-lapse video of Main Street magically being transformed from Halloween to Christmas overnight!