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27. Find Reasons to Move  Take every opportunity to move around, even in small ways. Studies show fidgety people tend to be thinner.

Too busy to exercise? Then spend time being active as a family. Play tag, kick a soccer ball or go for a hike. In winter weather, build a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight. Or blast some music and have a dance party.

Many of us hit the gym and eat right during the week but then cut loose on the weekends by indulging in fried foods or nutrient-poor choices and skipping workouts. Get physical during leisure time. Go for weekend strolls, ice skate, play tennis. If you love dining out on the weekends, limit yourself to one special treat off the menu rather than indulging in an entirely decadent meal.

TIPS - Uses for Teabags: If your sneakers are smelly long after exercising, add an odor absorber in the form of tea bags to reduce the sweat stench. Simply put dry tea bags in any pair of shoes overnight to turn funky soles into fresh ones.

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Try the exercises Jennifer Hudson does right at home to stay in shape. Transform your body without hitting the gym.

Jennifer Hudson's Workout no video , she wrote it. Keeping this to get into any recipe, exercise, search, etc on Dr.OZ show at the top of the screen.

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