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The Problems with Waste | Toxics Action Center

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10 Of The Whiniest Ever First World Problems

not enough food just ingredients first world problems

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21 Brilliant British People Problems

The Hilarious Problems Of The Painfully Polite British People -

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10 Toxic Products No One Needs

Pesticides, extremely toxic they are. They’re made to be. That’s how they kill things. Unfortunately, solving a pest problem may leave you with another problem: Residual poisons that linger on surfaces, contaminate air, and get tracked onto floors and carpet from the bottom of shoes. There are so many non-toxic ways to eliminate both pests and weeds. Next time you need to go on the offensive, choose them. EXTEND YOUR LIFE >

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Toxic Waste Facts, Toxic Waste Information

<p>Photo: Pile of spilling oil drums</p> The National Geographic is explaining how toxic waste is affecting us. The waste comes from all over: it comes from manufacturing, farming, city septic systems, construction and car garages just to name a few. This waste can harm humans, animals, and plants.

How many people have ever been New Scientist: According to calculations by demographer Car Laub, about 107 billion people have been born up until now, and 100 billion of them are dead. You are among the lucky 6.5 percent of humanity that is still alive. For now, anyway... via #Infographic #Number_of_People_Born

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Sunday brunch (50 photos)

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