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This infographic really puts the Great Pacific Garbage Patch into perspective. fastcompany: It’s no secret that the world’s ocean trash pro...

Catalyst ABC TV - Plastic Oceans - Oceans are silently choking on our plastic waste. Plastic and synthetic materials are the most common types of debris in our oceans and are having horrific impacts on marine wildlife and systems

Vampire Bats Have Vein Sensors

bat faces images | Beneath their furry faces, vampire bats boast nerves specially attuned ...

Winter Wildlife: Tracking & Survival by How do animals survive (hibernation, migration, estivation, or adaptation)? How do animals move (walkers and jumpers)? #Animals #Winter

Could T. Rex Only See You If You Moved? by Justine Alford 14th July 2014 | T. rex’s binocular range was 55 degrees which is greater than that of a hawk | Professor Kent also found that the other theropods investigated in the study also had binocular ranges similar to that of modern raptorial birds (carnivorous, predatory birds) | T. rex may have had visual clarity up to 13 times greater than a human