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from David Domoney

The 12 best vegetable crops to grow in containers

Grow veg in containers - perfect for small city gardens where there's no space. Ideal for balconies too!

"A 9 foot x 6 foot north-west facing foot balcony, 5 south facing window sills, 3 north facing window sills, and a small patch of concrete outside the front door. Is this enough growing space to keep a family in vegetables most of the year?"

from Balcony Garden Web

Easiest Vegetables for Balcony & Rooftop Garden

Container vegetable gardening allows you to cultivate edibles in smallest of spaces and in this article you’ll find out easy container vegetables which you can grow on your balcony or rooftop garden.

This option would be cheaper on the blank side of the garge compared with the bigger one I posted.......could just set all my pots on it.

from David Domoney

How to prepare your garden soil for cultivation

Digging over garden soil and preparing it for sowing or planting is vital for good plants. It's about more than just breaking up the soil - it allows you to improve the structure and drainage, as well

Pot for October colour: Skimmia japonica 'Rubella', heather and pansy 'Deep Pink'. Photo by Sarah Cuttle. For another container using winter-flowering pansies, visit