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This isn't okay I'm crying.

viria: what are those whale sobbing noises on the background? oh, just me forever crying over every single AU in which Bianca is still alive and Nico is happy. AHHH my heart cries for Nico!

"The First Kiss in the volcano. Then Percy gets himself blasted to Calypso's island. Then he gets back to the camp during his funeral. I laughed so hard as she cried, then spotted him."

cookiekhaleesi: Aww their first kiss right before Percy gets attacked by monsters and a volcano blows up so romantic<<< but then stupid Calypso came. Don't get me wrong I love her later on in the Percy Jackson fandom but in that book, Nope

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summoned from the underworld by viria<<<<<<<<< this gave me chills. Vira just made herself 100000000 times better in my eyes.<<<<<if Percy Died

And you thought Romeo and Juliet was sad

And you thought Romeo & Juliet was sad. Yeah, well, it isn't. This is so sad. Hazel and Sammy

Head Canon #6 By H.E.C - - >WHY?? MY FEELS!<- - Nico and Bianca... Oh My goodness I am crying now, gee thanks. { Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Heroes of Olympus }

Head Canon By H. MY FEELS!<- - Nico and Bianca. Oh My goodness I am crying now, gee thanks. { Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Heroes of Olympus } the amount of tears roght now.> Well, i didn't need my feels anyway

Leo Valdez. Best fictional character ever.

Let me just go DIE IN THE CORNER! Your not the seventh wheel Leo, you have all the Fangirls! (Unless Frazel is there OTP, they probably don't like you very much)> No not my baby!

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I like died laughing.sorry>>>>Oh no its okay ill just sit here CRYING!How are we to ever defeat Kronos if all we do is fight?>>>>>deal with it -_<<<<< and they are all all of them. All three are heRos, jokers, and broken

I just can't handle my feels for Nico in the House of Hades. SOMEONE GIVE ME A BUCKET FOR ALL THESE EMOTIONS.

krkrandcat: The Lonely King Nico di Angelo. I feel so much for this kid. I’m not done with The House of Hades yet, but man, he needs some love. That book made me cry the other day. Please stop picking on one of my fav characters.