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President’s comments could fuel tension between White House and Donald Trump, who has raised skepticism about Russia’s involvement http://www.wsj.com/articles/obama-likely-to-field-questions-on-russia-syria-and-donald-trump-1481908017

Obama Suggests Russia’s Putin Had Role in Election Hacking

So far two of the nine know to be in the Trump-Russia inner circle have resigned after their Russian contacts were made public. Paul Manafort, a longtime Republican operative and Michael Flynn, Trumps national security advisor.

I really don't think he does & that is what is scary as hell!  If we send even 1 off, to Russia or China or pretty much anywhere we will have them coming back to us...which is why The Arms race was termed 'The Cold War', no one actually wanted to hit the button!

Fading of the bigotry and fascism but NOT the fall of an empire, as I so desperately fear .

Should we call this TrumpCare or RyanCare? Or maybe Republicare?

Yeah absolutely right. But they only believe lies from their party.

"Why do Teapublicans claim to be fiscally conservative when these are the ONLY two presidents [Clinton and Obama] to lower the deficit in the last 50 years?" In what Universe did Obama lower the deficit?

Now that's something to proud of! Especially when you promised, even while celebrating the passage of Trumpcare 2.0 by the House, that EVERYONE would be covered.

Especially when you promised, even while celebrating the passage of Trumpcare by the House, that EVERYONE would be covered.

The irony of the first piece of major legislation Trump signs being Russian sanctions & tying his hands on lifting them because Congress, even his own party members, don't trust him.

President (-no-quotation-marks-required) Obama sends his regards, eh?

Helping the enemy used to be called "treason". Now they call it being a Republican.

Donald Trump, Jr should be in custody right now. Russia owns the GOP. Trump and his Klan have admitted to treason and basically flaunted it in front of the Am


Trump reminds me of the spoiled little rich kid that is never wrong and when he is it's always someone else's fault.