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A Great White Shark Got Caught Napping on Camera for the First Time Ever

Do you know what a sleeping great white shark looks like? A robotic submersible captured the first-ever footage of a great white taking a nap,

Guys on motorcycle: "man this day can't get any worse" Shark: "he he juuuust waaaait"

This doesn't look possible but it is. After Hurricane Irene went through Puerto Rico in a shark decided to go swimming down the street. Can you imagine? SHARKNADO IS REAL.

Great white shark breach, False Bay, Simonstown, S.Africa // Eric Cheng’s Journal (click for more photos)

Great white shark breach, False Bay

Great White Shark Breach At False Bay - Cape Town, South Africa.i will not be going to south africa.

Artistic Award for being gross and vulgar - bullies don't play fair - and don't even fight fair

The planet Earth depends on the circle of life and that is why we must respect every single living animal out there. Despite the fact that we humans are co

comme des motards

A male great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) glides smoothly through the water, as he passes under a boat. The shark moves through the water so seemingly effortlessly that it reminds me of flying.

Lo #squalo bianco è considerato una specie a rischio di estinzione ed è protetto dalla Convenzione sul commercio internazionale delle specie minacciate di estinzione (CITES). I posti dove è possibile ammirarlo sono in Messico, California e in Sud Africa. Puoi viaggiare con WWF NaTuRe per ammirarlo nel suo ambiente naturale in #SudAfrica.

Do I really think sharks are beautiful? Powerful, graceful and sleek, the Great White is the King and Queen of its domain. Its beauty lies in its strength.

Sea squirt (Ascidian) interior closeup photo by Marcel Botman

A view inside a sea squirt

Sea Squirt (Ascidian) by Marcel Botman.love its colour, its wide mouth.and its tree-like internal structures:)

This is awesome!  Amazing Shark

Christopher Hewitt Ink Shark chasing seagull picture on VisualizeUs

ROMANCE – Сообщество – Google+

UNDER THE ,SEA, CREATURE Jellyfish are found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. A few jellyfish inhabit freshwater.

Karachi | A giant prehistoric shark previously thought to be extinct for more than 20 million years has been captured by local fishermen off the coast of Pakistan, reports the Islamabad Herald this m

giant Prehistoric Shark Captured Off Coast Of Pakistan - The giant sea creature had a total of 276 teeth in its jaws, spanning 5 rows with it’s biggest tooth measuring an incredible 15 cm

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Wild animals picture of surfing with dolphins in an amazing nature photo. This water sports pic is of naturally playful mammals in the ocean.

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I'd be afraid to get lost in all those feesh!

Photographer and marine biologist Octavio Aburto snapped the images of the "fish tornado". Images of an underwater fish "tornado" were captured at Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico.

Smallest shark - Most people think of a shark as a big violent predator with very sharp teeth ranging the sea in search of food. But in fact, there are over 400 different species of sharks.  Did you know that sharks are some of the most amazing and most misunderstood creatures on the planet? So, for you to understand them more, here is the list of smallest sharks ever lived in the world

Types of Sharks: a Mammal or Fish? About Facts and Other Interesting Questions

Oh no, you can never run from a bull shark. And bull sharks swim very fast.


Get inspired by the beauty of the its actually a piece of art called Underwater Flight, a fabric sculpture in Portland Airport by Sayuri Sasaki Hemann. I see life in as some of my biggest