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from Mamabee

The Most Adorable Recreations Of 23 Disney's Princesses

Child Mulan by MoonchildinTheSky on Deviantart

This Dino tee calls to my 7 year old self, who was going to be a paleontologist.

A few of my favorites - Imgur

Pencil Art Gallery - Pencil Artist Dino Cornay - Pencil Artwork

Madewell x James Ulmer Four Faces Tee

Salvation Army's T-shirt Agianist Human Trafficking

from OpenSky

Haymaker Poster

Many have speculated as to what the Haymake means. Is it Chuck Norris or Paul Bunyon knocking out a bear? Or might it represent the Cold War since the bear has Russian on it and the guy in the design looks American? Maybe it's an image of your dad or boyfriend on it? A lot of dudes look like the guy on the shirt... Over the last three years, this design has broken down all boundaries of race, gender and religion. Its become a favorite tee for nerdy book readers and its been given badass tee…