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This is some of the very best advice on taking care of yourself during recovery.

from Berry

Things that make me smile BIG (24 photos)

Arcoíris perdido porque hemos sido mutilados,seguimos siendo mutilados en nuestro arcoíris posible por tradiciones muy jodidas,el machismo,que reduce la humanidad a la mitad,el militarismo, el racismo,que sigue en pie aunque se diga que no y también el elitismo que reduce el derecho de creación y pensamiento a minorías muy reducidas de personas y otros sismos más que nos han hecho y nos siguen haciendo mucho daño, yo creo que hay que recuperar la plenitud creadora de la condición humana...

Tom Felton: I met this boy 13 years ago when he came to visit the Harry Potter set as a make a wish child. He was very ill with not long to live. A few months ago he came to see me in Calgary to give me this picture and told me he's now attending film school and is back to full health

textile design Runway Fashion: Daniela Gregis Spring / Summer 2014 ~ Beautiful bright color!

Slowly drawing a loaded pistol from the leather hostel that was strapped around her left leg, Abby switched the safety off and pressed her body up against the side of the booth. I’m ready, she told herself determinedly, grinding her teeth in anticipation of the awaited ambush. They can have the joy of killing me, but they won’t have the satisfaction of seeing my fear.

don't know what but something about this struck me as mirroring our quintessential human condition - believing we are solid while we melt and blur

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How to Become a More Technical Dancer . . Shhh. . . Lai Rupe’s Secrets Enclosed.

Oh this is what i look like when i go back to dancing in a few days...

Be the master of your mind, not the slave of it. Believe what empowers you, not what disempowers you.