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would you like to receive a cat fact every hour?

My daughter did this to her sister, then they both pranked a friend, tag teamed for a whole day random cat facts.

#funny #hilarious #humor #lol #funnypictures #fails

Crazy Stupid Love-LOVED this movie, especially this moment. Rewound it several times LOL!

Childhood photos recreated! Oh my goodness! This cracks me UP!....too funny haha definitely want to do this

#TBT: These People Recreated Their Childhood Photos And The Results Are Epic

Too funny! Family Photos then and now. I have some awesome pics that would be hilarious if MY kid recreated them!

Protip: If you're not sure what to say, try: "So it has come to this"... HAHAHA! Brilliant!

Yao Ming's Custom Bicycle

This is awesome. "Protip: If you'e not sure what to say, try "So It Has Come To This" - it creates instant dramatic tension and is a valid observation in literally any situation.

HA. Deal with it y'all, it's just funny.


gene wilder is actually in amazing films: The ORIGINAL Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory,Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and The Producers. just sayin.

Hilarious!!  Pinterest fails!

When things go terribly wrong…

OK, I'm not always THIS epic fail at craft projects. This really made me laugh, becuase SOMETIMES, I really AM this fail.

Me neither!

So I watched the vow and decided if I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum told me he he was my husband, I wouldn't question it.

Hand Raised, DOESN'T call on you / Hand not raised, calls on you

Just in time for a new school year, here are 17 examples of the Unhelpful High School Teacher meme. Hopefully you don't have to deal.

i love how there were this many guys who did this.  second-to-last is kind of pulling it off...

How to wear MEN's shirts!

Cant stop laughing! You have to admire a guy.it does say "how to wear guy shirts"