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Disability Quotes: Collection of Quotations Regarding Disabilities

11 Shocking Things The Richest Americans Could Do For The Country (But Never Would)

Who’s Getting Rich off the Prison-Industrial Complex?

This is what white privilege looks like- you smoke weed at 18, you are going through a rebellious phase. An 18 year old black american does the same, and he's a thug, a druggy etc. No, this is not OK. This is not what equality looks like. We are not in a post racial society. We have work to do.

Satan is after your kids- Protect them. 1 Peter 5 & Joel 1:3

Hosea ~ (still today! both historically and biblically, people, if we don't learn and know the past, we are destined to repeat it! Being too busy to get into your bible will be no excuse when you stand before Christ our Lord to give your account! )

Thinking about how to represent people - minifig style?