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With 65+ countries under my belt I’ve often been asked what my favourite country is and we’ve long established we don’t have one. We have favourite experiences. But if somebody asked me where they should go on vacation, I’d assess their personality and their preferences, rather than choose my favourites.

The Truth About Extreme Budget Travel

Budget travel is unique to everyone. The broadest definition of budget travel is being financially conscious during your travels. I define extreme budget travel — or what I like to call traveling “on the hobo” — as traveling while spending the least amount of money possible.

Here Are The Best Bags And Packing Tips For Every Trip

7 Tips To Save $15,000 For Travel in Just One Year

7 Tips To Save $15,000 For Travel In Just One Year! In this article, I’m sharing 7 of my favourite money-saving tips for travel.

I have a full-time office job. However, I regularly hear the comment “you are always traveling”. This comment is kind of true, I indeed do feel that I travel a lot and it is actually my objective. Visit my blog for more info.

22 Insanely Simple Ways To Save Money On Travel travel hacks, travel hacking

Literally The Only Three Things You Need To Travel Anywhere In The World

When you strip everything down to the barest of essentials, there are only 3 things you need to go anywhere in the world (other than the clothes on your back). Those three things will fit in your pocket and take you anywhere. They are...