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Hurricane Matthew pounds Cuba after drenching Haiti

Hurricane Matthew update: Storm smashes Cuba after hitting Haiti -

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Hurricane Matthew: Weather service issues dire warning

As Hurricane Matthew sets its sights on the US, more than 2 million people have already been urged to flee their homes, with more evacuations likely as the deadly storm makes its way past the Bahamas.

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Google celebrates Antonii van Leeuwenhoek

Today is the birthday of Antonii van Leeuwenhoek, and in honor of his achievement Google made an animated Doodle (click on it to go to Google). Since Matthew is an expert on the man and his science…

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Hobbit history gets new preface

HOBBITS OVER TIME  Newly discovered fossils, including a tooth and partial jaw (right), suggest that tiny members of the human genus reached the Indonesian island of Flores around 700,000 years ago. Those ancient arrivals may have been ancestors of “hobbits” (Homo floresiensis, shown in a reconstruction, left) whose remains, found elsewhere on Flores, date to around 100,000 years ago. ~~ Kinez Riza, reconstruction by Atelier Elisabeth Daynès

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