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Monkey Puzzle Tree, also called Chilean Pine or properly, Araucaria araucana.

Araucaria araucana (Monkey puzzle tree) is an evergreen tree growing to 40 metres tall with a 2 metres trunk diameter. The tree is native to central and southern Chile, western Argentina, and southern Brazil.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Puzzle Tree (araucaria araucana) Our daughter in Portland had one of these in the front yard of the home they bought. They removed it because of potentially branches falling. The wood is EXTREMELY hard!

Monkey Puzzle Trees are native to Argentina and Chile. It's also an analogous landscape to the Mesozoic

Monkey Puzzle Trees (Araucaria araucana) native to Chile and Argentina

Banyan trees

The great Banyan-tree with the world's largest area of the Crown. Indian botanical cadu is in Haure. Bunyan, or, as it is called, the tree-forest, has not one but thousands of barrels.

Monkey Puzzle tree - saw these in England and have loved them ever since!

Araucaria araucana is an evergreen tree growing to 40 metres tall with a 2 metres trunk diameter. The tree is native to central and southern Chile and western Argentina. It is also known as the Monkey Puzzle tree. Tolerates up to

Monkey puzzle tree,,.Bergen..NORWAY

Monkey Puzzle Tree, Bergen, Norway, another place the Monkey Tree grows.

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theegoist: “ The knotted branches of a ‘Spider’s Web’ tree (or a strangler fig) in a park in Nanning, Guangxi, China.

Ponytail Palm

rhamphotheca: “ The Pony Tail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) … aka “Elephant’s Foot", is a species of plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to the states of Tamaulipas, Veracruz and San Luis Potosí in.

Ceiba Tree, tree of life.:: Fifth Sun Journeys ::. i ve always wanted to know what kind of tree this was my abuelitas house still has this big tree and its bright red thorns its beautiful

A thorny issue. Ceiba tree - "Common name is Kapok, native to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, northern South America, and to tropical west Africa"

Dragon's Blood tree, in Hadiboh, Jemen, © Al-Awsh

Tree, Dracaena cinnabari, the Socotra dragon tree or dragon blood tree, is native to the Socotra archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is so called due to the red sap that the trees produce.

Pandanus spiralis in Vanuatu. I have 5 different palm trees in my yard. Never seen one like this. Ever! Now I now why. It is native plant in Australia. Another reason I need to visit! LO

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The Jabuticaba is a fruit-bearing tree native to southeastern Brazil. The tree is grown for its purplish-black, white-pulped fruits; they can be eaten raw or be used to make jellies and drinks (plain juice or wine). Other common names include Brazilian Grape Tree.

I found this grape tree in Hawaii. They tasted delicious! " Brazilian Grape Tree (also known as Jabuticaba) does not use branches to grow fruits. It grows fruits (and flowers) directly on the trunk.

Covered in millions of minuscule, magical crystals.....Trees in Holland

Whomping Willow by Roeselien Raimond~ The Netherlands covered in millions of minuscule, magical crystals.

"Cape Scott Tree" - photo by Tristan Rayner, via Flickr; Tree near San Joseph's Bay in Cape Scott National Park, Mt. Waddington on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

"cape scott tree" - photo by tristan rayner - tree near san joseph's bay in cape scott national park, mt. waddington on vancouver island, british columbia, canada; an example of the creativity that can be found in nature