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Lunar phase or phases of moon indicates the illuminated portion of the moon which a person observes from the earth.The revolution of moon around earth makes .

Cosmic Spring Moon - Ritual + Wisdom

Moon- inspiration for a tattoo - white ink with a little grey shading on the top of my back / bottom of my neck. I actually love this idea.

Red moon dark sky night red outdoors nature cool moon #1234blue #GoDutch

The night the blood moon came out this year is when i fucked up BAD

Beautiful full moon

Beautiful full moon


Beautiful Landscapes, Volcano, Beautiful Moon, Beautiful Places, Awsome Pictures, Belle Etoile, Blue Moon, Amazing Nature, Neverland

elian1:    The flame-red moon, the harvest moon, Rolls over the sea, gently bouncing, A vast balloon, a gold doubloon.   It comes and whispers to youas a beautiful friend who remembers,“Fille de la lune, daughter of the sea,dance, dance for me. Love, with little hands,will come and touch youWith a thousand memories, And ask youBeautiful, unanswerable questions.

Nothing's more beautiful than moonlight on ocean waves.love that here on Sargent Beach!

Moon/Jelly fish

Phases of the moon morphing into a jellyfish and fleeing. c'est folie que de fouler la lune