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Aquilegia 'Munstead White'

Aquilegia ‘Munstead White' You could use any aquilegia they come in all kinds of colours and variations. They all self seed, not too much but quite a lot. Might be a nice one to grow with Edie as it germinates well and wouldn't disappoint. If you want it to keep looking the same year on year, only grow one type, they are promiscuous and will interbreed readily which usually means you end up with dull colours in the end. Mine are all dull now.

Love-in-a-mist Nigella damascena 'Albion Green Pod' - pure white flowers with a prominent boss of stamens are framed by a collar of wispy foliage, creating a beautiful, ethereal effect. As the flowers fade, fantastic green seedpods develop, and both these and the flowers make wonderful additions to fresh or dried arrangements

Ranunculus Asiaticus White; Hardy, perennial. Thrives in sun or shade with moist but well-drained soil. A good choice for borders, pots and containers.

Allium amplectens 'Graceful'

Allium 'Graceful' Follow our unique garden themed boards at Follow us on for great organic gardening tips