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Moon Moon, How Did You Get Down There?

Always check to make sure your dogs aren't digging to freedoms or their friend's yard. Place a rock over the hole when you fill it in or think of cementing the boards or even cinder blocks can keep those pups from returning to the scene of the crime.

THIS MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD SOOOO HARD! Thought you would enjoy it too :) Dog shaming - i don't blame you pup, i hate running too

"what are you laughing at mom? Its cold, and my Blackie is warm.... *drinks water*.... whatever I'm going back to bed"

I Swear!

This is cute. But genetically speaking, labs can have any color puppies (black, chocolate, yellow) regardless of the color of the parents. So yea it's strange for a yellow lab to have all black puppies, but not unheard of.