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“Torture this goose. And spare the real ones: don't eat Foie Gras.”

from Blaze Press

32 Powerful Advertising Campaigns that Combat the Harsh Realities of Animal Welfare and Rights

33 Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth

from Upsocl

33 Poderosos Anuncios Sobre Animales Que Cuentan Una Verdad Muy Incómoda

LAV: El Show no debe continuar. Apoya a los circos libre de Animales

No, I do not LIKE people just because their vegan or vegetarian. I RESPECT them for standing up for their own beliefs, they put others before themselves, they stand up for what they know is right. That's why I 'like' vegans/vegetarians,

"I believe animals should be respected as citizens of this earth. They should have the right to their own freedom, their own families and their own life" By John Feldmann

Animals deserve the same rights, freedoms and respect that humans are allowed, and because they cannot fight for it themselves, we should fight for them. I've pinned you before :-( OH how I'd LOVE to help you :-( I'd give them my hair

ANIMAL RIGHTS We need to Lear how to live around them and RESPECT any specie because they belong to this world too, and WE are part of a chain.

from One Green Planet

10 Inspiring Quotes about Animals

I dream of a world where no human hurts so badly that they feel justified in mistreating an animal.

It's not just a personal choice. Please, helo to end this horric treatment of…

from Twitter

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Keep fighting for animals rights. You may lose your mind, but you you will definitely find your soul.