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Paul is always watching.. lol you could say he's paulways there ;)<<< haha

Paul is always watching. i wouldnt have seen that! No offense but who is Paul?<<<< gurrrrl u crazy as hell if u don't know who Paul is dayum

#PaulHig AND #Harry ... Harry grew so close to him right away. Perhaps due to Harrys leaving home so young, and somewhat unexpectedly? ...and talk about protective... Pauly takes care of, and has looked after Harry like a long lost teenage son of his own. If the RUMORS are true...it had to be gut wrenching, for the entire band, but esp. for Harry and Paul:

It's like he's saying something to Paul about u and then he starts looking at u make ur heart go crazy ❤️❤️

Paul with a fan>>>>> one does not simply pass up the chance to pin a pic of Paul. love Paul!!

Paul with a fan>>>>> one does not simply pass up the chance to pin a pic of Paul<<< Paul is awesome<<<< Paul should have his own fandom<<< I am a Directioner, Mixer, Lovatic, and Paulo<><>another fandom joined>>> paulways watching

And I'm in tears because my baby is now 23..... bish no he's still 16 with crooked teeth and all, original and adorable..... I can't take it that he's turning 24 next year. And might I add that Louis is turning 25 in 4 days...... does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes

tiff on

hes only now excuse me while i cry in a corner because i have absoultrly no chance cuz hes niall cuz. i cant even anymore. i cant.