China-born, Pittsburgh-based artist Bovey Lee creates what might just be the most intricate paper art of all, hand-slicing the tiniest pieces of paper into amazingly flawless shapes and patterns.

I have long been awed by Bovey Lee work. Its not hard to see why.

The Lord's Prayer Paper Cutout,1786 England

Papercut of The Lord's Prayer, made by T. Hunter, cut-paper on blue ground,

Love this!

The intricate and detailed paper cut work of Bovey Lee is quite amazing. Her work is hand cut on Chinese rice paper and the patience, dexte.

Beauties butterfly. Helen Musselwhite.

Helen Musselwhite Papercraft Dioramas: This would go so well in my studio. I am the green butterfly.

Hunter Stabler

Hunter Stabler is a cut-paper artist. He slices up sheets of paper to create elaborate sculptures from that material.

rabbit print by folk art papercuts by suzy taylor |

Rabbit Print

Are you interested in our black and white rabbit print? With our print with folk art rabbit design you need look no further.

a-faerietale-of-inspiration: Eric Standley, paper windows . . .

Eric Standley’s intricate laser-cut "stained glass" paper windows - Boing Boing

English artist Richard Sweeney concentrated on the hands-on manipulation of paper to create design models in his studies which ultimately developed into sculptural pieces. He now combines hand-craf...

'The limitations of paper as a form offer a 'Hands on manipulation provides the best insight into the properties of a material, allowing its behaviors to be discovered & exploited for the generation of form.