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from e.a. deverell

Synopsis Writing (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

3-page writing worksheet to help you write a synopsis. This can really help to boil down your story!

from Sacha Black

How To Snag a Publisher First Time With Your Synopsis

My lovely writing tutor Esther, recommended a brilliant phenomenal book: Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide by Nicola Morgan. Now I don’t have much time to read, and shamefully I …

Condensing a novel into a short, enticing book blurb that convinces readers to buy is no easy task. If you have no idea what to include in your blurb, this simple outline of the must-haves will help!

from Natasha Lester, Author

How to Write a Synopsis for a Book: 6 Tips

Need help writing a #synopsis for your #NaNoWriMo novel? Here are 6 helpful tips! #writingtips


A Thousand Nights

A nameless girl from a nomadic desert people sacrifices herself to save her sister's life when Lo-Melkhiin, who has killed three hundred girls, comes to her village looking for a wife. She expects to die, but her storytelling ability keeps her alive.

Ever wondered what literary agents ACTUALLY do? Here's a typical day in the life of a NYC literary agent!