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Tips for Preparation and Recovery After C- Section

After having a breech baby, here are 10 things I wish I had known for preparing and recovery after c section.

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21 Things Not to Do After a C-Section

#22 don't go for a walk around the big supermarket two days after, no matter how much you want to feel like you can do everything already!

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5 Steps to Assist the Cesarean Born Baby's Microbiome

Last week was breech week, but breech babies are born EVERY DAY! Still relevant! Make sure you check out Lauren McClain, breech guru, at her Better Birth blog! #bowiebirthclass #bowie #birthclass #pregnantinbowie #amazingbirth #breechbirth #naturalbirth

Blaze appears to be recovering normally from the C-section, and her infant is currently in a nursery unit in the care of the Zoo Atlanta Veterinary Team and primate care professionals. The team hopes to reintroduce the infant to Blaze as soon as possible so that the new mother may begin bonding with her newborn.

The Big Baby Project: Showing that "Big Baby" does not (and SHOULD NOT) mean a cesarean. Women can give birth to big babies and DO every day - the way nature designed. And it's better for both mama and baby to have a vaginal delivery. Don't be scared off by "big baby!" Research shows that inductions and cesareans do not improve outcomes for these babies or mamas.

With the use of antibiotics and the large number of cesarean sections, your baby