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Money can't buy...

There are many things money can't buy, like having higher qualities! Develop good manners, morals and a higher mind.

"Life" with Roger.  American Dad.

Funny pictures about I had to learn it the hard way. Oh, and cool pics about I had to learn it the hard way. Also, I had to learn it the hard way.

hahaha, not quite what feminism is meant to be about, but I thought this was good any way.

Slut - a woman with the morals of a man. Ha yer ok, they normally have better morals then a man

Took me a minute...teehee. @elephantjournal.

Took me a minute...teehee. @elephantjournal.

Thank god I saw this before I had a baby!!!   Starting to feel a bit sorry for my nephews though LOL!

Baby Do’s and Don’ts

Is there a word for a politician to whom this doesn't apply ? A "skinner" maybe ?

Snollygoster (n) Pronunciation snol-E-‘gost-er Americanism, Someone, Especially a Politician Who Acts for Personal Gain Instead of Consistent, Respectable Principles.