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Primary view of object titled 'Capelet'.

Primary view of object titled 'Capelet'.

You have to check out this list if your kids love firetrucks. / We flew through this list at the library. Samuel enjoyed all of them!  We had read a lot of them previously, but it is always nice to revisit good kids' books.

Books About Firefighters and Firetrucks

Ocarina of time Zelda and Impa by katizua on deviantART

(Zeetali 💀 ™) Princess Zelda & Impa - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Here’s how to make treasure baskets for babies filled with interesting items from around the home to provide your baby with lots of shapes, textures and sizes to explore.

treasure baskets for babies

concept ships: MANCHU Monday: Les Archives du Futur - Ed. Hachette 2006

Ships from Star Trek, Babylon A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Space The Last Starfighter, and old classics.

This is similar to a drawing game. 1. Form two teams.  Give each team a length of tinsel. 2. Show the secret word to both artists. 3. Signal to start making the shape of the indicated word on the card. 4. The first team to guess correctly gets the point. *No hinting, sound effects or extra motions allowed.…

Give each team a length of tinsel. Show secret work to both artist. Signal to start making the shape of the indicated word on the card. *No hinting, sound effects or words allowed.

Hey, I'm Simon McCarthy. I'm 18. I'm certainly not a lover, but certainly not a fighter. I'm a scientist-or trying to become one at least. I understand how this whole thing works, but I'm not psyched that it's happening. I can barely use a gun, but I don't care. I'm also gay, but I don't think it matters now. Talk to me if you wish.

(Open) "What the heck." Cody Montegue says in awe, as he and (y/c) had been assigned to a mission. And had stumbled across a huge wall bedecked with elegant white bricks. The brunette man steps closer to it, bravely touching it. "Let's climb it.

Interior design by Tamara Magel

Tour a Fashion Consultant's Scandinavian-Modern Home

Love the seating arrangement minus the wooden sunbed, for the community room lounge. Tamara Magel Hamptons Designer is an award winning interior designer. This collection of interiors are from the Hamptons and New York City.