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I'm in total disbelief how Republicans keep a strait face when they tell Big Lies like this. Truly Amazing how this Ass can put the blame of a Made Up War that killed over 4,000 American Troops, made both Bush and Cheney Super Wealthy with Lucrative Contracts and cost Americans Billions in Our Hard Earned Tax Dollars. We are STILL dealing with the "Residual Debris" of the Iraq War thanks to 2 People....George W. Bush and Dick Head Cheney! Period!!!

As Despicable Donald Trump is, he's giving Republicans a good dose of the same BS they've been giving President Obama since he was elected. He's got them rattled and on the defensive. My only hope is the Good and Decent Americans see how Destructive Republicans are for this country on so many levels. We are obligated as Americans to turn things around in 2016. God help us if we don't. Rotten Republicans

Minimum wage needs to be raised. PERIOD. When good, hard-working people can't survive on the wages they make, and others are making money off of their insufficient pay, SOMETHING needs to CHANGE, QUICKLY!