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Projection: Article Link: After Narcissistic Abuse There is Light, Life and Love:

Self composite portrait// I like how the artist has used different colours for each section, maybe something i should consider

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Here's how to tell a psychopath from a sociopath

Wow, this is helpful. I had one as an exhusband and one and ex best friend. Yikes. At least there seems to be hope for her.

Sanctuary for the Abused: THE SMEAR CAMPAIGN - Hallmark of a Narcissist or Sociopath

Narcissistic Abuse Survivors- And yet the Narcissist wonders why I'm not who I used to be..

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A narcissist will have some, but not necessarily all, of these traits. Narcissistic Personality Disorder It is believed that narcissism is an attitude which is present in every individual and is ...

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Narcissists Force Co-Dependent Relationships

Narcs rarely seek professional help, because they don't believe they are wrong. Therapy statistically has not been particularly effective treating narcissism.

love this & "you need to connect your eyes to your asshole so you can see the shit you're talking about"

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