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Coral natural rojo (teñida), Bola 3-4mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 3,15 € + IVA)

Coral natural rojo (teñida), Bola 4-5mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 3,70 € + IVA)

Coral natural blanco, Bola 8mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 3,70 € + IVA)

Coral rojo 3x4,5mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 3,75 € + IVA)

Coral natural rojo (teñida), Bola 6-7mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 8,35 € + IVA)

Coral rojo, 4x6mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 3,95 € + IVA)

Coral natural rojo (teñida), Rondel 14-20mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 46,35 € + IVA)

Coral natural blanco, Bola 12mm, tira de 40 cm. (PVP 4,20 € + IVA)

from Etsy

19mm / 3/4 Black coral gauges

Natural black coral. Because these are natural cut no two gauges are the same. We do our best to match sets as best we can. Do not soak these gauges for long periods of time as it may damage the fragile coral. Very light weight.

from Etsy

Black coral pendent (extreme large #3)

This pendent is made from the natural black coral. However, this coral is rarely found, this one found in Belize, Central America. Most coral you come across in the market has been dyed to give it a 'better' look; because coral is one of the few millennial old ecosystems that can grow and is one of the hardest materials to find. They come in a array of colors and easily catch people's eyes. This pendent was hand-carved. Size: 3-5/16" x 1-15/16" x 1-1/8"