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Alabama Judge James Woodroof hands out sentence for man guilty of 3 counts of rape.No jail time!Demand Prison Time for man convicted of repeatedly raping 14-year-old girl

URGENT!!! CODE RED!!! PLEASE SAVE "RED"!!!!! (very sweet ol fella needs loving home asap)!!!!! ADOPT OR FOSTER HIM TODAY!!!! WARREN, OHIO!!!! PLWASE REPIN!!!! Red SENIOR ALERT - URGENT!!! is an adoptable Labrador Retriever Dog in Warren, OH. RED and TOBY'S owners spilt up......neither could keep their here they find themselves....homeless. �Red i...

Did you know: The fate of African and Asian elephant rests almost solely with China. The Chinese demand for ivory is so high that if they killed ALL the elephants in Africa, there would not be nearly enough to meet demand. Over 90% of ivory in China is illegal.

BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! Tell Washington University to Stop Hurting Cats! At Washington University in St. Louis, pediatrics residents use cats to learn how to insert a breathing tube in a human infant. They force long tubes down the cats' windpipes, which can cause bruising, bleeding, scarring and intense pain. The cats will be abused again and again like this for years. PLZ Sign & Share!

Animal Liberation Worldwide Nike Shoe Company Stop Using Kangaroo Skin on Soccer Shoes Millions of kangaroos are slaughtered in Australia every year to make soccer/football shoes. Many times baby joeys are found in the dead mothers’ pouches after they are killed and then meet the end of their life by being stomped on, beaten with sticks orsmashed against vehicles because they serve no use.