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Thor likes to take pictures. Tony got him a digital camera and taught him how to use it. When Thor returns to Asgard, he likes to show Sif and the Warriors Three pictures of modern New York (as well as other destinations.) When he returns to Midgard, he likes to show all the Avengers his photos of Asgard.

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Ffs {Charlie_Gray_: For all you Tom Hiddleston #Hiddlestoners here's another portrait from my ShortList cover shoot. #TomHiddleston}

26) UPDATE: so the male friend that my friends ship me with now knows im a lesbian. hes cool with it and he even told them to stop bc it makes me uncomfortable but they just shrugged it off,,,, they'll probably keep doing it but at least he knows

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Tom Hiddleston ShortList 2015 Cover Photo Shoot

Come here, kittykitty... // Tom Hiddleston ShortList 2015 Cover Photo Shoot 002 800x534 Tom Hiddleston is a Cool Cat for ShortList

Tumblr = visualandcritical: from the VSW Soibelman Syndicate News Agency Archive.

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