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Find out how these companies sell your data and how you can stop them from doing so.

How Android Wear could come to the iPhone

Companies selling Android Wear would still want iPhone customers, and some iPhone owners might want Android Wear.

Secret ‘bursts into flames’ feature may be behind Samsung’s Note 7 delays -

Nokia dials back time to sell mobile phones again

Nokia-branded phones are back on sale on the Finnish company's website.

Amazon tops shopper satisfaction survey

Amazon tops shopper satisfaction survey | A new online retail satisfaction survey shows Amazon and Netflix leading the market with happy customers, while Gap, Macys and leave shoppers non-plussed Buying advice from the leading technology site

Nokia phones find a new champion, with Android at its side

Microsoft will sell its low-end phone business for $350 million, and a new Finnish company called HMD will sell Nokia-branded, Android-powered phones and tablets.