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Beautiful new house architecture designs by Cruz and Ortiz. Overall, we like to believe that our buildings are equipped with a certain opacity, which are not clear or do not share the condition of so many other architectural schematic. Atelier building has pretending to be one more in this direction.

Rembrandt y Vermeer estrenan casa

Rembrandt y Vermeer estrenan casa : los españoles Cruz y Ortiz concluyen una restauración del Rijksmuseum : termina una batalla de 12 años contra el mar y las bicicletas de Ámsterdam / @arteangeles | @elpais_cultura | Un aspecto del nuevo gabinete de restauración del museo | #socialcuratorship

The Clothworkers’ Centre for Textiles and Fashion Study and Conservation

3. Dream desk: as a museum conservator, my desk would be covered with artifacts and art that I would clean, repair, and prep for exhibit. This desk space is from the Indianapolis Museum of Art (although I would prefer to work in a natural history or anthropology museum!).