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Basic info: My name is Vivian(Viv for short)~ 19 years old I'm am Agender/Non-Binary (They/Them). Polyamorous Demisexual/Panromantic. I live in the USA (Florida specifically). I'm just a silly college student, who draws, and worries too much.

Garnet Tree of Life Pendant with Pink Swarovski Heart

Garnet Heart Shaped Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Pendant With Swarovski Crystal Valentine's Day

The human heart stripped of fat and muscle, with just the angel veins exposed

The human heart stripped of fat and muscle I personally saw this sort of stuff at a body art display in Austin, TX. Absolutely stunning to see the whole circulatory system without muscles, fat, skin, tendons, etc. Go if you ever get a chance! ~Aprilj

Breastfeeding tree of life art goes viral #normalizebreastfeeding & create your own!


... when I woke up that was the first thing i could clearly see. A little green sprig was merely saying me to do not give up. Maybe not that much but I figured that i can at least stand up. Thanks to that little fellow. 2014

Love can never stay the same. Life twists and turns it as we have to grow around the difficult places. Time changes our love into a work of art... Carol

Russia at Art Paris Art Fair 2013

When the wolf's wispbound embrace their power, their hearts decompose into soil.