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Man these were so high tech back then

Fuzzy memories of playing Oregon Trail in my middle school computer class. Even though I was not very tech savvy at the time, I knew these were hopelessly out of date.

Candy Ciggarettes

Candy Cigarettes - we thought we were hot stuff smoking our candy cigs!

early 2000s toys - Google Search

The parachute in gym class. my fav thing to do in gym class when I was in elementary school!

Look at that freaking computerrrr

Oregon Trail on original Apple Computers. Someone please say they remember this back in Elementary School, besides me!

Discontinued Foods from the 90s | List of Bygone 1990s Candy & Snacks (Page 6)

The Tastiest Discontinued '90s Foods They Need To Bring Back

Squeezit was a fruit-flavored drink made by General Mills and marketed from the until the middle of drink came in a plastic bottle that the drinker had to squeeze in order to extract the beverage from its container, hence the name.

Movie time!  Made you so happy when you were a kid in school. You know its true.

Nothing made you happier than seeing this when walking into a classroom as a kid. And now as a teacher nothing makes me happier than seeing this in my classroom still!

Shirt Tales stuffed animals - I still have my Bogey and Tyg

Shirt Tales---still have all these--Hardees had the best collectibles