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We all know people who love to indulge in creative activities like painting, crafting, writing, dancing and so on. Ever wondered what keeps them going?

5 Tips For Raising Kind Children

5 Tips for raising kind kids with free printable of 30 ideas and activities children can do as a random act of kindness during the holidays.

El puente - La importancia de respetar a los demás (AYUDA PARA MAESTR@S)

BLOG: "Getting Used to People" A child between the age of zero and five lives in a protective bubble. And that is a good thing because that little one needs to be surrounded by people that she trusts and that love her and will protect her at all costs. But even if that child has some siblings, those years are … Read more:

‪#‎NationalPoetryMonth‬ Day 9 web resource: 10 great Poetry books to recite to children! and techniques for reading poetry to children.