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Visual Writing Prompts

what if we were born cynical in a dry miserable bleak world, unaware of beauty, and through our experiences we had to discover and then share beauty with the rest of the world?

Photo Prompts

Minimum word limit for extended essay samples Sample Page; Post navigation, essay Minimum limit extended for word, not writing a 6 page essay for tomorrow i will burn down my own house to get out of doing it.

Writing Promts! - Album on Imgur

Writing Promts!

writing prompts for figuring out histories of or details of peoples/nations/cultures/races in my fantasy world

Great visual story starters

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writing prompts - all kinds of photos that could be used.

I loved these image based writing prompts! The students write about what they think happened in the picture. I think this gives a whole new meaning to writing prompts!

Handling Failure

How do you deal with failure?


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573 rare things

573 rare things


North Korea v. South Korea (use with Dystopian Lit Circles)



thrumminginthemixture: “Here is a compilation of the most “interesting” prompts, according to students in my Honors English 3 and English 5 classes.

Fantasy Sci Fi Writing Prompts (Writing prompt, and an interesting study, too.

Write a letter to someone you miss.

Prompt: Letter to Someone You Miss

Write a letter to someone you miss

writing prompts You may have to scroll through to find this one.  The site lists loads of upper level middle school and high school prompts.  Some are really good!

LOVE this writing prompt: If you could have any fictional character as a best friend. This Tublr is filled with writing prompts for upper level middle school and high school.

Photo Prompts : Photo

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Writing Prompt: Aren't we already?